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Natsuru Roshutsu V0.1 Launched!

Posted by SeductiveKneesocks - 1 month ago

It's finally here! The day I can finally get the ball rolling on this endeavour.

It's taken me a while, but I'd like to present the concept of Natsuru Roshutsu.

The game is modelled after some RPG Maker games I've played in the past. Specifically, the Japanese games with a focus on the concept of 'Roshutsu' or 'Exhibitionism'.

Something that I rarely saw in those games though was the ability to play as multiple characters and to explain this, I'll need to explain a little about the game first.

Our protagonist, Natsuru Shirayuki, opens the game by running through a building completely naked. She then has to escape that building, find her way home and make it to her room without getting caught. All the while still as naked as the day she was born.

We find out later that this only happened because of a certain incident that originated a few days before, as a result of meeting someone new, the transfer student, Asuka Hanazono.

You'll be able to control both Natsuru and Asuka at various points throughout the game, as well as other characters that you'll meet as the story goes along. You'll be able to see the differences in personality as each of them deal with their sexual urges and desires differently.

I'm hoping that the game in its final form will reflect the same atmosphere and emotions as the games I've played in the past, or the manga that I've read dealing with Roshutsu

Something to note as well is the use of 3D models in the game.

At the moment, those models are placeholders for 2D art that will be drawn and will eventually replace them in the future. You can see an example of what it might look like in the opening scenes of the game.

The 3D models will help speed up the process of 'blocking' out the game and will give me the ability to give fresh updates to fans quicker. In my experience, the art is what takes up the most time when developing a game like this and I don't want fans to think the project has been abandoned, or to lose interest, or for me to lose motivation completing this game.

For those curious how the models are developed, they're not actually made in a complicated manner. They're Koikatsu models used and generated from the character maker. The good thing about Koikatsu is that it has a 'Studio' component, where you can pose the characters in a gazillion different ways, which is very helpful for what I need it for.

Eventually, I'm considering releasing the cards used for those models on Patreon so that people can open them in Koikatsu themselves and see what other attributes the characters have.

That's all for now, keep an eye on Twitter and Patreon for more updates!

p.s: Also available on itch.io